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  • Wrap for your Meat

    Wrapping your meat is a key step in harvesting meat. Vac sealing is great but you run the risk of the seal failing. Failed seals are no good. When you wrap the meat you eliminate the risk of failed seals. For long term storage I often wrap the product then

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  • New Year New Stuff

    With the arrival of the new year, Cider Hollow is proud to announce that there will be a lot of new changes coming throughout the new year. From new payment options and new products to new events and overnight accommodations this is sure to be an exciting year.   We

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  • Make Your Meat: Rendering Lard

    When you butcher a hog you will end up with a lot of fat. The amount of fat depends on the type of pig. If you have a “Lard Pig” such as an American Guinea Hog you will get more fat relative to the overall size of the carcass than

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