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  • Make Your Meat: Rendering Lard

    When you butcher a hog you will end up with a lot of fat. The amount of fat depends on the type of pig. If you have a “Lard Pig” such as an American Guinea Hog you will get more fat relative to the overall size of the carcass than

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  • Make Your Meat: Hog Skinning

    The hog skinning process is a simple concept but requires a bit of work. How much fat cap you are trying to leave on the carcass will have effect on how much work the process is. Trying to leave more fat on the carcass is a little harder as you

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  • Make Your Meat: Slaughtering Hogs

    The slaughtering process while relatively simple is possibly the hardest part of butchering your own meat. Our livestock is raised for certain functions, sometimes that function is putting meat on the table. The care that we give our livestock ensures that they are happy and healthy but also allows us

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