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Local Tennessee Farm Products

Families and individuals in the Savannah, Tennessee and surrounding area - your search for local all natural high quality farm products is over! Our Tennessee farm products include meats (and livestock), vegetables, fruits and live garden plants. We only sell what we grow and we eat what we sell.  It's just that simple and real. To directly get in touch with us just use our Contact Us Page or just phone us up at:  (731) 435-3276 {731-435-FARM}Let us know how we can help you! We can let you know what's fresh and ready, arrange delivery times, and let you know of locations we have chosen for pick-ups


Pastured and Heritage Livestock Products

  • Free Range Chicken Eggs
  • Free Range Duck Eggs
  • Live Birds - Subject to Availability
  • Rabbits - Subject to Availability
  • Quail - Subject to Availability
  • Heritage hogs
  • Raw Honey and Wax
  • Homemade Cheese
  • Bunny Bites(dog chews)
  • Rabbit Manure (5 gallon buckets)
  • Cider Hollow's very own "Bunny" Juice - Compost Tea


Naturally Grown Fruits and Vegetables

Please contact us for availability, or check our online farm store. This is what we are currently producing:

  • Blueberries
  • Apples
  • Microgreens (sprouts)
  • Squash
  • Tomatoes
  • Radishes
  • Beans


Live Plant Starts

We are currently developing a small nursery and will be offering a lot more plants, trees and varieties in the near future.

Goji Berry – Also called wolf berry, gojis are a nutritional powerhouse.  They are also highly adapted to our local alkaline soils.  The berries can be eaten fresh, dried like raisins and the dried berries make an outstanding tea or an addition to other herbal teas.  The plants can be kept as a small shrub, pruned down to almost house plant size or grown into a small tree form of about 8-10 feet.  They make a great edible hedge row and as long as they get good irrigation in the first year or two they become one of the most adaptable, drought resistant and hardy plants you can grow in our area.

Dwarf Mulberry – Dwarf Mulberries are another awesome plant for our area. They are very adaptable to our soil type, handle drought very well once established and produce edible berries similar to black berries all summer long after their second or third season on.  The plant can be pruned into a pot sized specimen or in good soils grown to 8 feet tall as a giant ever bearing black berry bush.  It can also be trained flat along fences.  The berries are great fresh or dried and also make great pies, jellies and wines.

Russian Comfrey (Bocking 14) - Comfrey is an amazing bioaccumulator. Constantly mining nutrients and minerals from deep down in the soil and making it bioavailable to your other plants. The leaves can be used to kick start and enrich your compost pile or to make wonderful compost tea for the garden. Comfrey has N-P-K of 1.8-0.5-5.3 and also is one of the richest sources of silicon in the botanic world.

Other Fresh From the Farm Products

  • Homemade Breads
  • Homemade Pies
  • Canned Goods

Looking for Tennessee farm products we don't carry? Let us know, we are always looking to expand to meet the needs of you and your family.

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