Interested in Learning to Process a Pig?

Hanging Boar

We are looking at the possibility of having a basic pork processing workshop this fall. In order for us to make this workshop happen we must know that there is enough people interested in attending. This workshop will focus on the basics of processing a pig. If you are wanting to raise some of your own pork or know more about the butchering process this workshop will be a huge benefit for you.


In this pork processing workshop we are looking to cover

  • Humane slaughter
  • Skinning
  • Scald and scrape
  • Basic butchering
  • Various Cuts

     and of course we will cover

  • Making bacon and sausage
  • Rendering fat for lard


This will be an all day workshop. A light breakfast and gourmet coffee will be served. Then we will start off covering slaughter, skinning and scald and scrape. We will break to provide a wonderful lunch. Then we will start the butchering processes.


We will be butchering multiple of our heritage hogs at this workshop. One of the hogs will be avaiable for the attendees to take home with them included. There will also be some cuts available for purchase if you want to take home more.


Provided that there is enough demand for this workshop we will have an advanced course at a later date that will rehash some of the basic processes but get deep into the charcuterie side of pork processing. If you attend the basic course you will receive a nice discount on the advanced course. If you are interested in this course please comment or contact us and let us know so that we can determine if we can offer this course.


Being that this will be an all day event it is very understandable that you may want to stay the night. There will be a camping area available for the night before and the night of the workshop for anyone who wants to camp on the farm for a night or two. Meals before and after the workshop are not included so dinner is everyone for themselves. There are grills and stove top available so feel free to bring a meal or there is a great restaurant nearby that we highly recommend.  


For the level of service, quality and education that we strive to provide we are currently estimating the cost per person to be around $275. We are going to do everything that we can to get the cost down to around the $250 mark. Helping to get the cost down we are planning to have a non-refundable deposit with the balance to be paid on arrival. This will help us to lower our payment processing fees associated with each transaction. To be able to make this workshop happen we need a minimum of 15 attendees. In order to provide everyone with quality learning we are limiting the workshop to a maximum of 20 attendees.


If you are interested in this course please comment or contact us and let us know so that we can determine if we can offer this course.


  1. Steve Coleman says

    Hi David,

    I attended the grafting workshop in the spring and I am interested in both the butchery and charcuterie. I hope it works out and I have shared with friends. Would you consider offering a discount for couples? I can’t promise but my wife might be interested/talked into it.

    I hate I missed the one you had over the summer, I heard Nicole talk about on her podcast…I don’t have a smart phone, thus not on zello.

    Steve Coleman

    • David Oswalt says

      We will be doing a couples discount. Not sure yet exactly what it will be but there will be one.

      The memorial day pig roast was a blast. make sure you checked out the blog post on it too! The main event for that meet-up was for the zello group however memorial day monday we will always be doing a bbq for our customers and neighbors. In the future there may or may not be another event going on with it but monday is for everyone and if an overnight camping makes it more fesable it’s always available for customers.

      Direct link to the pig roast blog post:

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