New Blog Series: Make Your Meat

A new blog series is in the works. It will be called “Make Your Meat” where we will get into the aspects of processing a variety of meats that you can do yourself. This will be a 10 (probably more) part series.


In various series we will be covering processing of poultry, rabbits, hogs, small game, deer, fish and wild birds. Knowing how to make your meat is a valuable skill that can help you on your way to a more productive and sustainable lifestyle. If there is another type of animal you would like to see covered just let us know in the comments section.


Some will be covered completely in a single part and some will be broken up into multiple parts. Simply because being able to make your meat is less intensive with some species when compared to other species. With the conclusion of each species we will include one of our favorite recipes for that particular animal.


While being able to read about how and what to do processing your own meats and seeing pictures is extremely helpful nothing beats hands on instruction from expert instructors. We offer a variety of courses here on the farm covering a wide variety of topics including plant propagation, butchering, animal husbandry, soil management, firearms safety and training as well as various other homesteading processes. Check out our events page to see what kind of events we have lined up that you may be interested in.  Currently we have a Basic Pork Processing workshop that is starting to fill up. The Basic Pork Processing course will be on December 9, 2017 where we will completely cover butchering hogs from the paddock to the freezer. We plan to offer another piglet castration course in January 2018. The date for this workshop totally depends on when our next batches of piglets arrive on the farm, we have several girls that will be having babies in late December.


We hope that this blog series encourages you to start learning the process to make your meat. Or at least growing your own meats even if you take it somewhere for processing. No meat is better than meat that you have produced for yourself. While processing the animal yourself may not be for you we still encourage you to learn and be a part of the process. Knowing how to do it yourself is good because there may not always be someone available to do it for you. Knowledge is a skill that cannot be taken away.

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