Make Your Meat: Hog Skinning

The hog skinning process is a simple concept but requires a bit of work. How much fat cap you are trying to leave on the carcass will have effect on how much work the process is. Trying to leave more fat on the carcass is a little harder as you are going to have to be more careful.


The typical way to start hog skinning is to make a cut through the skin along the inside of the rear legs from the hock to the belly cut. Then you will make a cut around the hock. This will allow you to start removing the skin from the rear legs (the top) to the head (the bottom).


After making your cuts you can pull the skin off of the carcass. The skin will not just slip right off. It is going to be some work. A good knife will help the process a lot. The knife will allow you to quickly separate the skin from the fat cap much easier than trying to just pull it off. It is very important to be very careful during the skinning process as a lot of people do a sloppy job of this and loose a lot of meat and fat.


This same process can be used when skinning most any livestock. With your small animals such as rabbits and squirrels the skin will quickly and easily slip right off. You can skin a chicken really quickly too. We will cover this when we discuss processing other species.

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