Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop

We are excited to announce our fruit tree Grafting Workshop on Saturday March 18, 2017! The workshop will be hosted here at the Cider Hollow farm with the renowned Cliff Davis from Spiral Ridge Permaculture instructing.


Cliff is a great friend to the farm here and ready to share more of the wealth of knowledge and skill he has aquired. Through years practicing and teaching various permaculture techniques, grafting trees is just one of the many skills he has developed.


This grafting workshop is sure to me an opportunity to develop some very valuable skills. We will cover various grafting techniques as well how to prune your young fruit trees to have a proper start towards years of bountiful production. After this workshop you should feel confident in grafting fruit trees for yourself. From simply planting on your own property to guerrilla grafting or maybe even becoming your own local supplier the possibilities are endless. Just to help get your own food forest growing all students will be taking home their own grafted fruit tree.

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You might even want to attend even if you don’t care about grafting your own trees or even trees as all. If your anything at all like me you like coffee. Well, we have been able to secure a special batch of coffee from a local up and coming coffee roaster Holler Roast. Just this special coffee is going to be worth it.


I’m sure though you will probably be at least a little interested in the grafting part. We will discuss various tools and supplies that are needed for successful grafting. Different types of grafts as well as what advantages and disadvantages they have. Why to choose one type of a graft over another for varying circumstances. Learn how to select a type of rootstock for the type of fruit tree you have and for the environment you are in. The day will be limited but the lessons learned will be limitless.


We strive to be able to provide an enjoyable learning experience and value to our attendees. It is in the works to have a few special deals available to students before anyone else.
Just remember slots to this workshop are limited. If for any reason at all you want to attend and need an alternate payment method or plan do not hesitate to contact us. Come out learn a new skill, pet the bacon….i mean pigs, and enjoy a nice morning at the farm. If you plan your afternoon right there’s several local places where you can see an amazing sunset on the Tennessee River.

Again a special thanks to our friends Spiral Ridge Permaculture, Holler Roast Coffee, and Living Free in Tennessee Podcast

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