Visit our new YouTube Channel

We have launched a new YouTube channel! Stop by check out our farm videos, suggest new videos that you want to see and be sure to subscribe so you stay up to date on our videos.

On our channel we make farm videos documenting some of the life on the farm and information to help you get your own systems setup and running. From ducks, rabbits, and pigs to seeds, alternative energy, and sustainable agriculture practices. Stop by our channel watch some videos and give us a like. Let us know what you want to see or dont want to see and we will try and accommodate.

We strive to provide the best pastured pork and eggs in the area as well as local and onsite grown plants. Everything we produce is beyond organic, all natural, and most imoprtantly all local. We document lots of our activities so check back often for our newest videos. Like and subscribe to our channel  and you’ll be updated when we upload a new video.

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