Fall Comfrey

comfrey root

We have decided to open up our comfrey propagation beds for fall comfrey availability. We have a very limited supply of comfrey crowns and root cuttings available for immediate shipping direct to your mailbox.


Comfrey is a great plant for improving the nutrient availability on your property as well as its various herbal  aspects. Comfrey is also a nice looking plant. I compare it to looking like a big hosta. So if you’re in an HOA plant it like everyone else has their hosta and nobody will know you are growing this powerhouse plant.


Comfrey is possibly the easiest plant to grow. If you can dig a small hole and keep the area from getting too dry you will have results. We have planted a lot of comfrey on our farm and done nothing to it other than putting it in a hole. Using this method we have had 100% results. Though some of the results were dead plants, probably 40% though were surviving plants. If we can stick a tiny started root in the ground and never do anything to it and get 40% survivability then even the worst gardener or permaculturist can get this plant to grow.


Our comfrey is Bocking 14 which is a hybrid variety. A hybrid does not mean that it is bad or GMO or anything like that. Hybrid simply means that 2 or more varieties have been crossed to make the plant. Which often means as it does with comfrey that it is sterile. This means that this comfrey will not spread by seed and take over the whole world. Root propagation and crown splitting are the only ways to make more of these plants. To learn more about this awesome plant check out our in depth blog post about it.


Stop by our farm store and get your fall comfrey order in before it’s all gone. When it’s gone it will not be back until spring. Planting fall comfrey will let your plants get established this fall and go dormant for the winter. During the winter they will still be growing roots so you will have some amazing plants next spring.

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