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  • Special Announcement

    We are happy to announce our continued support of one of our favorite podcasts Living Free in Tennessee. If you haven’t checked out this podcast it is a weekly podcast discussing how they build their homestead, develop independence, plan and manage time and grow and preserve food sustainably. Make sure you

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  • Pork Shares? What’s that?

    What is a Pork Share? A pork share is a portion (share) of a pig (pork). One pig is one share. Therefore a ½ share would be ½ of a pig. Why Buy Your Pork by Shares? Buying your pork by the share is significantly cheaper way to buy premium

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  • New fencing to keep everything safe

    A New Look and a Lot of Work Well, its often said “good fences make good neighbors”. That may be the case but my neighbors are pretty cool people. You know what good fences also make though? Less chaos on the farm! I mean who wouldn’t want to come in

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