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  • single comfrey plant

    Comfrey, Comfrey, Comfrey

    What Is Comfrey? Comfrey is an amazing plant. It is known my the scientific name of Symphytum officinale it is in the genus Symphytum and in the family Boraginaceae. It is a bioaccumulator of nutrients constantly mining minerals and nutrients that other plants can’ access and makes them readily available to them. It excels

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  • Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop

    We are excited to announce our fruit tree Grafting Workshop on Saturday March 18, 2017! The workshop will be hosted here at the Cider Hollow farm with the renowned Cliff Davis from Spiral Ridge Permaculture instructing.   Cliff is a great friend to the farm here and ready to share more of

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  • Visit our new YouTube Channel

    We have launched a new YouTube channel! Stop by check out our farm videos, suggest new videos that you want to see and be sure to subscribe so you stay up to date on our videos. On our channel we make farm videos documenting some of the life on the

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